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Rocks Diner is all about fresh homemade goodness! Try our famous Whoopie Pies!


Our History


Rock’s Family Diner is located in Fort Kent, Maine (The Little Town that Could!).  A quiet little community with a deep French Heritage and citizens with a can-do attitude.  Rock’s is located directly across from the America's First Mile Monument which serves as a marker for the beginning of the historic US Route 1 Highway which ends in Key West, Florida. From our dining room windows you can view the US International Port of Entry and the international bridge over the St. John River, connecting the US with Canada.


Rock’s has been operating since 1945. It started when founder, Rock Ouellette was still in high school and opened up a part-time hot dog stand. After the war, he turned his attention to developing it into a full-time business. Sandra and Peter Pinette are the current owners and have operated Rock's since 2001.  From its humble beginnings as a hot dog stand, Rock’s has evolved into a full-service restaurant that serves customers home cook meals and comfort food from 6:30 AM to 7 PM daily, 7 days a week.  In addition, Rock’s also caters off site events and is well-known locally for its catering service and menu options. We have hosted and fed athletes and spectators from around the world who have participated in sporting events held at the Fort Kent Outdoor Center.  We also serve thousands of spectators on the day of the Can-Am Crown Sled Dog Race held the 1st weekend in March of every year.


Rock’s has been baking and serving up whoopie pies for the past 40 plus years. Only recently did our whoopie pies go “viral” after it got out on Facebook when a customer asked us to ship a dozen whoopie pies to him during the Covid-19 lockdown.  After Ryan Jandreau’s “thank you” post and raving about our whoopie pies, it was not long we were making whoopie pies for the masses.  With Sandra challenging our customers on Facebook, the word about our delicious whoopie pies spread quickly. Within a week's time, Rock’s staff had baked, packaged and shipped hundreds of dozens of whoopie pies to customers around the country, reaching all 50 states.


Like most restaurants during this pandemic, Rock’s business was adversely impacted and slowed down tremendously upon orders from the governor to shelter in place.  However, Sandra and Peter did not throw in the towel but instead pivoted the restaurant from dine in to offering take out family meals, packaged and ready to heat and serve.  Our homemade sauces, breads and baked goods were also a big hit and well received by our customers.  The addition of shipping whoopie pies around the country has added new challenges to our business. But with our dedicated employees and our hard work; we are meeting the tremendous demand of satisfying our whoopie pie customers; both old and new.  This website was created as a result of our whoopie pie business and we are hoping to expand our products and offerings on it, as we continue keeping the Rock’s legacy alive!


To all our customers, past, present and future; know that you are part of our family and we strive for excellence to please and satisfy you.  We thank you for visiting our website and hope you get a chance to enjoy our whoopie pies and someday meet you in person, should you travel to Fort Kent, Maine.   


Au Revoir!

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